Ubud and Swing Tour

Ubud and Swing Tour


Barong Dance

Barong is a character in the mythology of Bali. Banas Pati Rajah is the fourth "brother" or spirit child that accompanies a child throughout life. Banas Pati Rajah is the spirit which animates Barong.

The Barong is the magical protector of Balinese villages. As & lord of the forest with fantastic fanged mask and long mane, he is the opponent of Rangda the witch, who rules over the spirits of darkness, in the never ending fight between good and evil.

Barong and Keris dance like the kecak dance, the Barong and Keris dance is a battle between good and evil spirit.

Art Villages

Celuk Village

This village is located strategically on the main road form the Denpasar to Gianyar Regency which is about 5 km from Denpasar Town, Celuk Village is the famous village in Bali as a tourist destination cause of the local residents is very proactive and full of innovation to the gold and silver crafting. Most of them are Balinese professionals, artistic and skillful of design development related to the silver and gold crafting.

Mas Village

Mas Village is the special village for wood carving, produce very good quality of woodcarving, made from very hard wood such as teak, mahogany, ebony and hibiscus wood, most of wood import from another island as Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan ( Borneo ) and Sulawesi. No Entrance ticket…

batik galuh

Batik Galuh Center offers a variety of motifs and colors of interesting batik.
This art shop looks beautiful with a beautiful Balinese-style garden with colorful flowers that soothes the eyes of anyone who sees it. Being here will make you comfortable with the harmonious art and culture of Bali beautiful.

Bali Batuan Village

batuan village

We have lots of tours to Batuan and Ubud painters – where you’ll see the beautiful paintings and they have Bali paintings for sale too

Waterfall Near Ubud

tegenungan waterfall

Ubud never disappoints anyone who have been there. You can find anything about culture, arts, museum, rice paddy fields, restaurant, coffee shop and many more in Ubud. It is a great place to stay or come by if you want to step away from hustle bustle. If you are an adventure and nature lover, these are some waterfalls that you must visit in Ubud.

Coffee Plantations


Bali also has a lot of coffee plantation that really interesting to visit along the trip throughout the island. The Coffee plantation areas are commonly set in the tranquility of village surrounded by the green lush tropical garden where tropical trees including cacao plantations thrives around this area. You will discover the variety of Coffee plantations includes Arabic, Robust and Bali Coffee. Luwak coffee is actually produced by Civet Palm Cat where this animal will select the good quality coffee bean from the coffee trees. During the coffee beans are in mongoose’s stomach, there will be a process of fermentation to produce a good coffee flavor. It’s bean will be dried under the sun and afterward move to a wooden mortar and pounded with a pestle to make the coffee bean skin peeling.Moreover, you have a chance this traditional method of making Luwak Coffee to add your lovely tour experiences.

Monkey Forest

monkey forest

Monkey Forest Ubud, the monkeys within the Sacred Monkey Forest of Padang tegal are commonly called long-tailed macaques or ” grey monkeys “. Their scientific name is Macaca fascicuiaris .

Ubud Swing

Bali Swing

A swing hanging between coconut trees, high atop a hill. The swing is long and you will wear harness as a safety precaution. Visiting Bali Swing will never be complete without experiencing the unforgettable Edge Swing

Rice Terrace

rice terrace

Tegallalang Rice Terraces in Ubud is famous for its beautiful scenes of rice paddies involving the subak (traditional Balinese cooperative irrigation system), which according to history, was passed down by a revered holy man named Rsi Markandeya in the eighth century.

located on the north side of Ubud around 20 minutes drive. Tegalalang Rice Terrace is one of the tourist icon in Ubud Bali. In this place, you will see the Balinese farmer do their rice field in oblique area complete with its system irrigation. You will enjoy the beautiful panorama of valley with rice terrace and coconut trees ornament it.

The tour will be start at 8 am.

The main meeting point will be in Jimbaran.

Tour Inclusions

  • hotel transfer, pick up and drop off ( Kuta ,Legian Seminyak Ubud, Jimbaran, Sanur, Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua)
  • English speaking Guest Service
  • 1 time Swings
  • Mineral Water
  • All entrances and Parking Fees as per itinerary
  • Government Tax

Tour Exclusion:

  • Any other personal ( optional) expenses

IDR 650.000/ person
Minimum 2 person
Additional price : IDR 500.000 per person

contact us : [email protected]

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Tempat Oleh Oleh Khas BaliReport this post

Tempat Oleh Oleh Khas Bali - merupaka tempat yang sering di minta oleh sebagian besar pelanggan Bali Tirtha Rental dalam sewa mobil bali dengan supir. kebanyakan mereka berkunj...
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