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Royal Bali Tour

Bat Cave

goa lawah

The Bat Cave temple is located at the south east coast of Bali, roughly 10km away from Klungkung, 10km south of Candidasa in the village of Pasinggahan. It’s just beside the main road tot he eastern part of Bali such as Candidasa, Padangbai, Karangasem, Amlapura and next to a beautiful black sandy beach. From here you can see at the horizon the coast of Nusa Penida.
It’s now a common stop for heading towards the east. For tourists and worshipping locals who are on their way and stop to give offerings and pray.

goa lawah

The rather large temple complex is built around the entrance to a cave that is home to many, many, many! bats. Goa Lawah translates into Bat Cave for a good reason. You will see two large, majestic banyan trees at the main entrance.
Some shrines in the centre are ancient from the time the temple has been established. Take notice of the motifs of the dragon who is in charge of keeping the universe at balance.

Good to Know

According to some tales, the cave has a pathway up to Besakih temple in the north at the foot of Mount Agung. It is believed that a Mengwi prince discovered the connection when he took refuge in the cave hiding from enemies. Some locals also believe that there are two more pathways, one to Tangkid Bangbang and one to Talibeng. Although those claims have never been proven.

Mornings is a good time to witness many locals who come for their prayers. It’s generally a busy place because of its popularity and its easy access but one can still experience the magnificence of this place. Afternoons are also nice as it is not so hot anymore and visitors enjoy the shady places underneath the trees.
Hindus on Bali celebrate the anniversary of their temples (piodalan), which is based on the Balinese 210 days cycle calendar (Pawukon). To visit main temples such as Goa Lawah or Uluwatu is a great experience.

Taman Ujung Water Palace

taman ujung water palace

Taman Ujung ‘water palace’, with its complete and official designation of Taman Sukasada Ujung, is located in the village of Seraya in Karangasem regency. It is the sister site of Tirta Gangga, also built by the late raja of Karangasem. The complex consists of various large pools and historic structures set against a backdrop of Mount Agung and the eastern shoreline. The site suffered near devastation by showers of hot ash following the eruption of nearby Mount Agung in 1963, and also weathered an earthquake in 1979. Restoration efforts throughout the decades made way to its current splendour, and it continues to appeal to both locals and visitors.

Tirta Gangga

tirta gangga

Tirta Gangga literally means water from the Ganges and it is a site of some reverence for the Hindu Balinese. Strictly, the name refers to the water palace built here in 1946 by the King of Karangasem. It is though widely used to refer to the general area which includes the water palace and some particularly stunning rural areas around.

The tour will be start at 8 am.

The main meeting point will be in Jimbaran.

Tour Inclusions

  • hotel transfer, pick up and drop off ( Kuta ,Legian Semi nyak Ubud, Jimbaran, Sanur, Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua)
  • English speaking Guest Service
  • Mineral Water
  • All entrances and Parking Fees as per itinerary
  • Government Tax

Tour Exclusion:

  • Meals and anyy other personal ( optional) expenses

IDR 500.000/ person
Minimum 2 person
Additional price : IDR 200.000 per person

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