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Bali Travel – Gordo Bali Tours is the perfect tour agency in Bali to experience many amazing destinations across our beautiful island. We have exciting tour packages from water sports, white water rafting, quad biking, exploring our rice fields and seeing our magical waterfalls plus many more. We can build a package that suits all needs.. 

make sure you have packed your bags, have your passport ready and jump on a plane ready to visit our beautiful island of Bali!

Get ready to explore and experience Bali’s unique culture and breathtaking nature and Let me help plan your adventure with us to make your bali holiday more enjoyable and memorable.

We are here to provide you with the BEST customer services in Bali. We pride ourselves as professional tour guides and drivers who are also on time and ready for a fun filled day out because Our customers are our Family and you will always come first.

Om Swastiastu (Welcome)

Greetings from Balinese People. Bali is a small island with its Unique Arts, Culture, beautiful Countryside, Friendly people, Beautiful Nature and Tradition inside. It is very interesting to learn how it is because although a little bit difficult to understand everything.

Bali is not enough experienced only once, there are many Things to Do or to learn and for sure to enjoy and Bali always make people want to comeback again, again and again. These made us wonder to show and offer you something different from our Unique Bali Tours.

Gordo Bali Tour is an Expert Bali Travel Tour Operator, we grow very well on Facebook page and people love our excellent services. we really want to give our excellent services to all of you and this site is the way to make people easier to get in to us.

We offers Bali Holiday Packages with Affordable Rates which is supported by Host, Experienced, Friendly, and Helpful Team who always ready to give you the Best Service, Unforgettable Experience, and provide all of your Holiday Needs in this Gorgeous Paradise Island.

We will always combine our unique Bali Tours by Natural Beauty and Soul of Bali. and also make sure your needs fit with our services because your Happy is our Success.

Bali Travel – We always make discussions with all of you on fare comparison depends on your Needs, Things to Do in Bali and Tours Destination in Bali Because Your Safety and Satisfaction is Our Primary Concern.

Bali Travel – Special Offer

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Bali Travel – for Bali Holiday and Bali activities

Bali Tour Package Gordo Bali is the perfect tour agency in Bali to experience many amazing destinations across our beautiful island because We are here to provide the best service for you when you are on vacation in Bali (Bali Holiday).

we used to only use Facebook to make it easier for our customers to know our performance and now we are more spacious through the Website, to provide convenience for people to plan holidays to Bali with a sense of security and comfort.

We have existing bali tour packages from adventure bali activities, family bali tour, cultural or to see how beautiful the Bali nature with local life and We are very flexible because we can build a package together that suits our customers needs.

Your Satisfaction is the main thing for us

Why Book With Us Gordo Bali Travel Tour Agency?

  1. 100% Customizable for Bali Travel

    Tell us about your trip requirement then We’ll work together to customize your trip to meet your exact requirement so that you have a memorable trip.

  2. Local Experts. Middle-man Free Pricing

    We’re a local travel agency and When you book with us, you get best possible price, which is middle-man free.

  3. No Hidden Charges

    We don’t add hidden extras cost. All trips include travel permit, lodging and fooding. There are no surprises with hidden costs.

Bali Travel – Need To Know (FAQ)

What language do they speak in Bali?

Bahasa Indonesia is the official language used in Indonesia and Balinese speak Balinese among themselves. However, English is widely used everywhere and you can easily pass through.

When is the best time to visit Bali for Holidays?

The dry season is May through October and I prefer June, July or August as it is Bali’s winter and it is cooler and dry. However during the other months Bali has morning or afternoon showers but doesn’t experience any monsoon.

Who can join Our Bali Tour Package?

Sight Seeing is suitable for any ages our Bali Tour Package.
Fun Activities are suitable for ages 5 – 70 y.o depend on the conditions of the body.

Can I change destination of Bali Tour?

Bali tour destination still can be changed into other destination without any cancellation fee at any time 2 days prior to the day of tour. The change must be received by WhatsApp/phone: +62 819-3304-6560 or via email to: [email protected]

Why do people visit Bali?

Indonesia has over 12.000 islands all over the country. Mostly they are lovely and pretty with their own characteristics and unique things. Some of them have been explored well by the local or international people and visitors. Indonesia is a very potential place to take the people interest to visit. One of the places, the island that gets a very big interest of the world to visit is Bali with its unique culture and wonderful places in, Bali has become one of the world’s most visited objects for international tourist to come when they take holidays to Indonesia.

Bali is unique because from the majority Moslem people who lives in Indonesia, Bali is the only place

who has mostly Hindu’s people who live in with their own culture that brings Bali into its unique and special one. Bali is called island of a thousand temples because of the majority of the Hindu’s people who build their custom and culture to make the temples stand wonderfully in Bali. Additionally, it gets richer in the culture because not only Hindus, but other religions; Moslems, Christians and Buddhists are also living there in harmony which make Bali rich of culture and customs.

Visiting Bali is a beautiful will of many people all a round the world. By its beautiful nature, various unique culture and customs, and the friend lines of the people make Bali is a must visited place to have a tour or travel.

People will never get bored to visit Bali and explore its richness of nature and culture and your Bali holidays will be precious and meaning full if you have chosen to spend your holidays to have Bali exploration on your Bali travel.

The friend lines of the people in Bali and the richness of it make Bali a heaven for solo travelers, people who have a honeymoon, or family holiday. Do you want to have different travelling experiences to fulfill your holiday time?Bali is the best solution for you, your family and friends.

HavingthefactsthatmanypeoplehavetheirvisittoBalitoexploreBaliintheirBalitravel, inspiresus, Gordo Bali Tour to offer tour services in a different experience by majoring our professionalism in taking people to have their Bali tour.

We also put our best effort to give customer’s satisfaction while they are having their Bali travel with our Bali tour services. We are here to give you our excellent services and hospitality with our reachable prices. Are you ready to have your Bali travel with us?

Why Gordo Bali Tour ?

We are grateful and fell blessed to be born in Bali that the hospitality to every one has become our base daily life to be applied since we were very little. All team of Gordo Bali Tour have started their career from hospitality business industry which makes Gordo Bali Tour has a strong base to give satisfying services to every customer who takes our services for their Bali travel.

Gordo Bali Tour has built five years ago, develops its tour to Bali through Facebook page and recommendations from those who have taken Bali Travel by putting their trust to Gordo Bali Tour to lead them enjoy the tour around Bali. There commendations give you a fact that our Bali Tour can servey our a classy trip, an amazing Bali Tour as our precious customers.

Serves you the followings

Ø Airport Transfer

Ngurah Rai International Airport is the one and only airport in Bali. Thousands people come and go through this airport makes it a busy airport run sits activities for welcoming and carrying people of various kinds of business. However, you will never get lost in this very crowded place because our service, Gordo Bali Tour offers you an airport transfer service that will pick you up from the busy airport to wherever the place you plant of stay in while you are having your Bali holidays comfortably and safely. Gordo Bali Tour also offers you away back service to the airport when your Bali travel has finished.

Ø Half Day and Full Day Bali Tour

Your Bali holidays will never be completed if you do nothing to explore the beauty and amazement of Bali. Visiting the tourism objects is a must. For that reason, Gordo Bali Tour offers you Bali travel services that will facilitate you to have Bali tour to your destinations by having our driver altogether the tour guide who will lead you to the places of destinations and give you explanations and information about the places and cultural things you visit and will also help you to capture the beautiful moments of your Bali holidays. Gordo Bali Tour is also able to help you to plan you ritinerary by contacting using Gordo Bali Tour before you take your tour around Bali.

A half day tour with Gordo Bali Tour is Bali tour done in maximum 4 hours Bali travel while the full day touris a tour in maximum 8 hours traveling time around Bali. Amore duration of Bali travel service is welcomed by adding an extra payment.

Ø Tour Package

For the customers who want to have a Bali tour package, no need to worry or to think hard of where to go to spend your precious moments in Bali because Gordo Bali Tour also offers you interesting Bali tour packages in which all of the Bali Tour packages have been arranged base dont he experiences of Gordo Bali Tour which has traveled around Bali with many Bali tours with our lovely customers. Our Bali tour package majors and maximizes our customers’ time so that customers can enjoy their time and have more time and moment at any destinations they love to be.

Ø Adventure Activities Booking

As many tourists come to visit Bali now a days as many requests they have for the adventure activities. Therefore, Gordo Bali Tour takes the initiativetoraise adventure

activities to make your Bali holidays be more meaning ful and beautiful. Gordo Bali Tour also offers you adventure activities booking for you who wish to have an adventured Bali tour by putting your comfort, satisfaction and safety in the first place, cooperating with other companies that have facilities in international based standard.

Best Bali Adventure Activities that Gordo Bali Tour offers you:

  • White Water Rafting
  • Quad Biking
  • Water Sports
  • Mount Batur Sunrise Tracking
  • Cycling
  • Horse Riding
  • Elephant Riding
  • Bali Safari and Marine Park
  • Bali Zoo

Overall the services Gordo Bali Tour offers you, we ensure your Bali holidays will be impressed and precious. Our price of Bali tourist based on the price list we have that you need to pay. No more extra fee except you wish to have longer time for your Bali travel more than the time we offer in our Bali tour package especially in the services of Half Day and Full Day tour. The transportation of Gordo Bali Tour use disfacilitated with air conditioner for your comfort of the Bali tour. We can guarantee that our transportation is clean, comfortable and in a good condition. We would be very glad and thankful for your presence to communicate with us and choose to get our services for your Bali tour. We look forward for meeting you and welcoming you for your Bali tour with our friendly smile enthusiastically.

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